Koi Pond Advanced
Online Real-Time
Water Quality Monitoring.
Koi Pond Advanced Water Management and Automation

It's All About the Water!

Koi Pond Solutions

Online Real-Time Water Monitoring

Advanced Online Real-Time Water Monitoring Platform. Industrial grade Sensors with Scientific Accuracy.
Web & Mobile Application with Alerts.

Pond AI Automation

AI Infused Pond Automation is Accurately driven by iQTSonde: Automated water replacement Air Pumps control Automated Feeding Remote Pond Video above and under water

iQT Pond Accessories

iQTek offfers several accessories to enehance your Koi pond Enjoyment. From Underwater cameras to Automatic Feeders to Ultrasonic wild life pond protection.

" As an Experienced Koi Dealer, I felt that my experience was sufficient to mange my Koi ponds...Luckily, I had the foresight to install iQTSonde Water Monitoring System. So when an unexpected pH crush occurred in the middle of the night I was notified immediately.
it literally saved me..."

Anthony Quintero, Koi Enterprises, Sacramento CA  


We are an innovative company set to transform the Koi Pond Ownership Experience.
Koi pond maintenance made simple and safe.


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